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In Moscow movement on the Volokolamsk tunnel

In Moscow has opened automobile movement on the Volokolamsk tunnel from area in the centre has opened. Movement from the centre in area is planned to open on December, 5th 2009. With opening of the first site of a tunnel motorists can pass from street Kurchatova to Truth street on Big Leningradke without traffic lights. The length of a tunnel makes 1 thousand of 730 m.
This artery, in essence, will untie a constant blood clot which was on this place always. Civil work became complicated that it was necessary to transfer many engineering networks - the mayor of Moscow Yury Luzhkov who was present at object opening ceremony has noted.
it is necessary to notice that the Volokolamsk tunnel is only one of stages of building around metro station the Falcon chetyrehurovnevoj outcomes which urged to increase throughput of transport in this place by 30 %. Two levels (Volokolamsk and Alabjano - Baltic tunnels) will pass underground, one - by the ground. The fourth level - the platform towards Volokolamsk highway - will pass over the earth.
as it was informed earlier, opening of Alabjano - the Baltic tunnel which building is the most difficult stage of erection of the given multilevel traffic intersection, also is planned this year. The tunnel will pass under a site of the railway and leaves to street Big Academic. Thus, there will be an additional sheaf between areas which are now connected only MKADom. Alabjano - Baltijskoy the tunnel in width of 25 m will consist of six strips - on three in each direction.
we will remind that within the limits of the project Big Leningradka till the end of the year also the new bridge through Moscow canal will be constructed.