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Russians urge not to get into the car in the conditions of a smog

the Assistant to the head of the Ministry of Emergency Measures of the Russian Federation Pavel Popov has urged citizens of the country to limit use of an individual transport in the conditions of smoke blanketing. As he said, the smog limits visibility and dulls attention of drivers. Besides, P.Popov has addressed to Russians with the request whenever possible to exclude entrance to big cities.
the increase in number of accidents and failures at roads can become the reason of artificial occurrence of stoppers which will essentially complicate and without that heavy ecological conditions - has told zamglavy the Ministry of Emergency Measures. He also has called compatriots at departure on the nature as much as possible carefully to address with fire.
P.Popov has specified that for the last days conditions with fires essentially have not changed. In a zone of potential threat there were 360 settlements. After attraction of additional forces and means of ignition of new houses it is not admitted.
Now additional aircrafts are involved in suppression of fires. Profits two planes An - 32 from Ukraine which have started suppression of fires around Voronezh. Today arrival of two helicopters from Azerbaijan which also will start suppression of forest fires is planned. By 18:00 Moscow time in addition there arrives helicopter group as a part of heavy helicopter Mi - 26 and Mi - 8, it will work in Ryazan.
for the purpose of grouping strengthening in national park area in Mordovia on a joint with the Nizhniy Novgorod region and in Sarov`s area the special technics which will be used in case of conditions complication in the given region is sent.
in the near future we expect results of application of new technologies pozharotushenija to use them in all territory amazed with fires - P.Popov has told, having added that weather conditions remain difficult.
air Temperature in the central regions reaches 40 degrees and will be over the weekend in an interval 37 - 40 degrees. Steady southern and jugo - east wind aggravates fire-dangerous conditions and toughens conditions in which the fire and involved forces work.