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To Kamchatka light

to Experts of the company " has returned; Kachmatskenergo it was possible to start a turbogenerator on thermal power station - 2 in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskij and to restore supply of electricity in full in cities and the settlements located in the south of Kamchatka. Earlier about hundred thousand inhabitants of Kamchatka remained without an electricity as a result of failure in thermal power station work, informs radio the Beacon .
Faults with light have led to a de-energisation in houses of half of inhabitants of the largest city of peninsula, also without light there were inhabitants of Elizovo, Viljuchinska, Ust - Bolsheretska and other settlements. For elimination of deficiency of the electric power experts have involved additional capacities of Mutnovsky GeoES and the cascade of Tolmachevsky HYDROELECTRIC POWER STATION.
similar incident has occurred in Blagoveshchensk the Amur region on July, 31st. The strong tornado has torn off about 50 transmission lines that has led to light switching-off in houses of local residents. On liquidation of consequences of failure has left about one days.
In the Moscow region the gale-force wind and a thunder-storm have disconnected some settlements in the south of Moscow suburbs on July, 28th. Power supply has been broken in in Podolsk area area. For liquidation of consequences of a bad weather it was required about 12 hours.