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Inspectors named the basic version of wreck “ Bulgarii “

Lifted from a bottom of Volga the steam-ship “ Bulgarija “ sunk on July, 10th 2011γ. In the Kuibyshev water basin in 3 km from coast in Kazan, by the present moment has passed survey by an investigation team.
under the preliminary version, the unsuitable technical condition of the steam-ship, in particular malfunction of the engine, radio notification systems, incomplete completion by rescue means, and also excess of norm of filling of a vessel by passengers and members of team became the wreck reason, have informed in a press - service of Investigatory committee.
now inspectors should reveal all circle of persons guilty of occurred tragedy and to establish causally - investigatory communication between actions of crewmen, owners of the steam-ship, and also officials of supervising and supervising bodies and the come heavy consequences.
at the moment of wreck onboard was 201 persons instead of 156 put. As a result of vessel flooding 122 persons, including 28 children were lost. The definitive reason of ship-wreck will be sounded upon termination of commission sudovoditelskoj and engineering - technical examinations.
we will remind, the steam-ship “ Bulgarija “ has sunk on July, 10th 2011γ. At realisation of two-day cruise on a route Kazan - Bulgarians - Kazan. Earlier it was informed that the main investigatory management SK the Russian Federation in connection with accident has brought official accusations, in particular, to the general director of the company of Open Company “ ArgoRechTur “ to the tenant of the steam-ship “ Bulgarija “ 40 - to summer S.Injakinoj and the senior expert kamskogo branch of the Russian river register 62 - to summer Jacob Ivashov.
also inspectors intend to make answerable officials of Rostransnadzora. “ Illegal actions of officials of Rostransnadzora are in causally - investigatory communication with the come heavy consequences, namely  destruction of 122 persons who were onboard the steam-ship “ Bulgarija “ - declared earlier in SK. At present by the victim on the case of vessel wreck are recognised more than 200 persons, inspectors have interrogated 150 witnesses, have made 30 dredging and searches in various regions of Russia.
we will notice that appeals earlier sounded to make answerable and the supervising officials of Ministry of Transport guilty of disorder of navigable branch. In particular, rechniki of Kama paid attention what to punish for wreck, as always, have solved the extreme.
in turn the party leader “ the Just cause “ billionaire Michael Prokhorov also has specified in more serious and scale reasons of wreck of the steam-ship. “ Bulgarija “ is a consequence of prompt degradation and infrastructure destruction. At us the maintenance and service of river fleet does not maintain any criticism. Tragedy “ Bulgarii “ - a sad episode of the general law “ - the politician has written on July, 22nd in the blog.
as the leader " has noted; the Just cause “ in steam-ship wreck the today`s political monopoly and if it not to destroy directly is guilty, degradation will proceed. The politician has noticed that it is necessary to make answerable officials guilty of tragedy, however has expressed doubt that next “ a portion “ criminal cases and personnel cleanings will allow to restore an order, to start the mechanism of modernisation of an infrastructure and to eliminate total corruption.
“ the state - the inefficient proprietor, and to involve private investments into sector of river navigation, nobody has attended, as it is difficult. Difficult because the system does not work, too many in the country is monopolised and slowly “ - M.Prokhorov has noted, having added that the present political monopoly is incapable to provide development of the country and to protect usual citizens.