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Double holiday of the Victory for Wings

Gleb Rudjakov
the Match 8 - go round between the Moscow and Samara commands should take place in Moscow, but because of field replacement at stadium the Locomotive the match of the first circle has taken place in Samara, and the second - in Moscow. Thus, possibility to observe of game of the command the second time for a week was presented to the Samara fans. Day of carrying out of a match has coincided with a Victory Day holiday, about it the club management has given a gift to all veterans of war - free pass on stadium. And despite it, tickets for a match were bought up rather smartly so not surprising was to see the tribunes of stadium filled to the full the Metallurgist for half an hour prior to the beginning of a match. Fans the Locomotive too have arrived on an important match to Samara and have developed the touching poster addressed to Ovchinnikovu which has left disqualification - the Boss is always right .
the Structure of owners of a surprise has not presented, Tarhanov did not begin to change the victorious cohort. And here the problem has been put Semin more difficult, the match from CSKA has revealed many problems in game of railwaymen. Therefore since the first minutes for the decision problems of Souzy there was Yury Drozdov. At catastrophic deficiency attacking Narvik Sirhaev forward has been put forward. Sergey Ovchinnikova`s occurrence in collars the Locomotive hardly someone could surprise.
the first dangerous moment at gate Loko it has appeared goal. On 4 - j to minute after a canopy from angular Andrey Karjaki a ball, having flown by half vratarskoj, a reserve of the defender Loko also has taken off under a foot kosta - rikanskogo the beginner Wings Right who has closed transfer. A goal! Thus samartsy already the second match begin with a fast goal that becomes their card successively.
Owners did not begin to stop on reached, actively using the left flank where the role driblera, marvellously publics, was executed not by Karjaka, and Karen Dohojan. To visitors does not remain anything, except as folit against active players Wings . Judge Lapochkin, having shown in a match of 5 cards to football players Loko also actively spent explanatory works.
on 24 - j to a minute for the first time real possibility to even up scores was received by visitors, but accuracy did not suffice blows of Sirhaeva and Loskov.
on 32 - j to minute the next masterpiece performed by the captain samartsev hardly has not taken place. Having received a ball, it is literally at the corner of penal, Tikhonov from metres with 25 through impressive crowd of football players of both commands has punched precisely in a bar!
on 37 - j to minute penalty kick from 30 metres on the centre beat Karjaka and the strongest blow has directed a ball precisely in Ovchinnikova. The goalkeeper could not fix a ball and has beaten off it before itself, appeared in time on dobivanie Gaushu has not sufficed quickness to finish in a grid.
in the end of a time of Souza has made the next attempt to double the account. Having rushed in penal, the Brazilian has on the move beaten two railwaymen and, leaving in private with the goalkeeper has sent a ball by gate.
in the second time Semin has decided to strengthen attack, having let out instead of inert Nizhegorodova, hanging on a yellow card, Marata Izmaylov.
on 49 - j to minute Gaushu, having received a pass from depth, has sped up and has rushed in penal the Locomotive where has been brought down by blow behind Jacob Lekheto. The judge shows odinnadtsatimetrovyj blow. Seeing protests the Locomotive Lapochkin has decided to consult with lajnsmenom, but after consultation of the decision has not changed. This fact poverg still in bolshy anger of railwaymen so they should be calmed to the come running Yury Semin.
Blow with 11 - ti metres confidently was realised by Andrey Karjaka, having sent a ball precisely on the centre of gate. Following half an hour game has not brought high points, the trauma was received by the player of a youth national team Peter Nemov, instead of it there was another the collection Sergey Vinogradov. Semin has let out young Sergey Ovchinnikova II, however, its exit of dividends Loko has not brought.
on 79 - j to minute Karjaka, accepting a pass from Tikhonov, at the corner of the penal area to a meeting has punched in a far corner of gate, thereby having caught on protivohode goalkeeper Ovchinnikova. 3 - 0. The question on the winner in this match has been removed.
last minutes a match passed in slow rate. It has a little weakened defence samartsev, but even then all efforts of Sirhaeva last minutes a match have not turned back the hammered balls.
after 8 - go round Krylja Sovetov At last - that have rushed into the treasured five of commands, in Samara now with the big enthusiasm consider standings of premieres - leagues, and burst in dynamics after a match an imperishable hit a Victory Day becomes, I hope, not unique pleasant memoirs of veterans on this holiday.
a press - conference of trainers:
Alexander Tarhanov: There was a fighting game till last minutes, is glad that have strongly played in defence, in attack too not bad looked. Have won naturally. Thanks to Right had advantage on the second floor . Probably, disqualification has affected Sergey Ovchinnikova`s game. But in a match with Wings the Locomotive has played much better, than recently from CSKA .
Yury Semin: the spirit of my command on this match Was pleasant, but there were gross blunders, our game was very strongly affected by the second ball. The judge has admitted a gross blunder as it has consulted with lateral and that has told that the penalty was not. What for then to consult? Early start of a command in a Champions League has very much wagged at our command, the majority of traumas from - for it .
Sergey I.Ovchinnikov: I do not blame the judge, it was reinsured. It is fault of Board of Judges that they punish for any act. Lajnsmen after all saw that the penalty was not .

Krylja Sovetov - the Locomotive 3:0
Goals: Right, 4, Karjaka, 52, from a penalty, 79
Preventions: Dohojan, 73 - Sirhaev, 13, Ouzels, 31, Nizhegorodov, 45, Lekheto, 52
on May, 9th. Samara. Stadium the Metallurgist
Krylja Sovetov: Chichkin, Lilo, Ovie, Right, Dohojan, Nemov (Vinogradov, 65), Kovba, Tikhonov, Souza, Karjaka, Gaushu
the Locomotive: With. And. Ovchinnikov, Ouzels, Sennikov, Ignashevich, Nizhegorodov (Izmaylov, 46), Lekheto, Maminov, Loskov, Sirhaev, Obradovich, Zhulio Sezar (S. V.Ovchinnikov, 69)
the Judge: Lapochkin (St.-Petersburg)
the Photo from an official site Krylja Sovetov