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the Werder has shown Bavaria who the present champion

Bavaria nevertheless has lost. That mjunhentsy have conceded a champion`s title to the Werder it was clear still far before this round. But Bavaria has conceded even in last, basic internal duel. a Werder has visually shown, who is really worthy a champion rank in Germany in this season.
Bavaria played the stadium, but even it has not helped wards Hittsfelda. the Werder looked almost on a head is stronger than the opponents. Already on 19 - oh to minute after an error of Olivera of Caen the ball has flown in gate Bavaria - 1:0. It is Klasnich!
the Second hole mjunhentsam was put by Miku. Good blow, and Caen again only in a role of the supernumerary - 2:0. In 9 minutes Ajlton, tireless fighter Ajlton puts an end in a match - 3:0.
to See eyes of Caen during this moment. To see an eye of Hittsfelda which at all did not understand that occurs to its command. It is clear that the trainer hardly remains with the club after the contract expiration in 2005. But all the same! Such weak-willed Bavaria very long ago did not see.
it is clear that in a locker room to all mjunhentsam has got from the trainer under the full program. And on the second time Bavaria left to fight. But the Werder already felt without five minutes the champion, and even a goal Dipping on 56 - oh to minute has not confused brementsev. A confident victory after this to articles. And the Werder again becomes the champion of Germany.
in other matches Stuttgart has unexpectedly admitted a misfire in a match against Hamburg - 1:2. Hanover has crushed Ajntraht with the account 3:0.
Especially it would be desirable to note a match between Dortmund Borussia and Gerta in which it has been hammered already eight balls. From them 6 in gate dortmundtsev - 6:2. Bayer has won houses at Cologne also has provided to itself the fourth place granting the right to participation in League of champions.
Hanover - Ajntraht 3:0
Goals: Brdaich, 42, 75, Idrissu, 89
Bavaria - the Werder 1:3
Goals: Dip, 56 - Klasnich, 19, Miku, 26, Ajlton, 35
Kaiserslautern - Wolfsburg 3:2
Goals: Lokvents, 57, 72, Belitsa, 75 - Klimovich, 65, Petrov, 66
Gerta - Borussia D 6:2
Goals: Kel, 7, in the gate, Marselino, 20, Bobich, 37, Vishnjarek, 57, Nojendorf, 86, Raphael, 90 - an Everton, 52, 80
Hamburg - Stuttgart 2:1
Goals: Bajnlih, 38, Hoogma, 47 - Kakau, 86
Bayer - Cologne 2:0
Goals: Fritts, 20, France, 73
Borussia of M - Shalke - 04 2:0
Goals: Hausvajler, 1, Sverkosh, 44, from a penalty
Hansa - Munich 1860 - 3:0
Max 15, Rydlevich 48, from a penalty, Tzhikuzu 83
Bochum - Freiburg - 3:0
Madsen 1, Hashemjan 55, Tapalovich 68