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the Locomotive it was kneaded on Kuban

Before a match the Locomotive with Kuban a question on the one who will be the winner, basically did not arise. Too stably and powerfully looks Loko in this season, and too game of the Krasnodar club is inexpressive.
but, it is necessary to note, since the first minutes of a match Kuban was not going to surrender. It and is clear. The command led the first match under the direction of the new trainer - Soferbija Eshugova. Therefore all players tried to give all the best for all hundred percent to prove that places in the basic structure are worthy.
but the home team interrupted attacks krasnodartsev already in the middle of a field, occasionally admitting them to the penal. At the same time, for full cooling of a southern heat the goal was required. And it has taken place. After angular on 15 - j to minute of Crests which before a match has firmly declared that for Euro - 2004 does not count on a trip to Portugal, has hammered in a ball into gate Kuban - 1:0. The halfback and showed further as always stable and reliable game, and George Jartsevu should think nevertheless before definitively to be defined with structure of halfbacks on the European championship.
it was good in this match and Loskov who cemented a midfield at Loko . Dmitry as always managed to find out such continuations of attack, from which at Kuban the head went around. On an edge Yury Semin had been put forward Buznikin, Ashvetija and Sychev.
were marselets also has removed all questions on the winner in this match. After a magnificent pass of the defender connected to attack Loko Sychev has received a ball in penal, slowly, on a pause has laid on Dyomin`s lawn and has accurately directed a ball to a far corner of gate. The goalkeeper Kuban it was powerless - 2:0.
it is interesting that during the moment when Sychev disposed of a ball, in the penal area was three more players Kuban . But any and could not prevent the player of railwaymen.
and after all to this goal Kuban battled. Proved that supposedly knowingly we in the prime minister - league. Kantonistov was the most appreciable in the field. He more often others shot at the goal Ovchinnikova, tried to take game on itself. At times even to the detriment of a command. There were some moments when Kantonistov could deduce on a shock position of Beschastnyh, but was greedy, has tightened the moment and all! Protection Loko instantly overtook krasnodartsev.
And what Beschastnyh? the Demon completely justified the name which to it was given by fans. Vladimir tore and threw. Was angry and with itself for slowness, and on partners for inexact transfers, and on the contender. Has especially got to Sennikovu whom in a jump Beschastnyh with an elbow in the person has pleased. The most interesting that the arbitrator of a meeting as that has missed an episode, than and has displeased the forward Kuban .
And under the curtain of the first time in gate Kuban the third ball has flown. And again Sychev became the hero of the moment. Dmitry has passed almost from a midfield on the right flank, has entered in penal, has collected on itself defenders Kuban . Has finished a ball to obverse and cut out a ball on Loskov running on the centre literally. The captain the Locomotive in such moments does not miss - 3:0.
And on the second time Loko left already absolutely unmotivated. The victory at railwaymen was that is called. In a pocket and to lead up the account to absolutely indecent Semin`s wards did not become. Though had some rather quite good moments. Loskov dangerously beat from - for limits penal Biljaletdinov which has left on replacement has checked up durability of a crossbeam, Sychev showed again the individual skill.
Kuban answered seldom, moreover and not neatly. Krasnodartsy kept confidently, but at the account 0:3 already and the contender of anything unsoluble before Kuban did not put. A confident victory the Locomotive which continues to go to the first place. For a Torpedo and Zenith .
the Locomotive - Kuban 3:0
Goals: Crests, 15, Sychev, 42, Loskov, 45
on May, 8th. Stadium the Locomotive . 8 170 spectators.
preventions: Yevseyev, 58 - Dyomin, 34, Matola, 65 (all - gr. Game)
the Locomotive:
Ovchinnikov, Maminov (Wagner, 76), Loskov (Sychev (Parks, 82), Buznikin (Biljaletdinov, 56), Yevseyev, Sennikov, Crests, Asatiani, Ashvetija, Gurenko.
Goncharov, Kornauhov, Aksenov, Dyomin, Matola, Lysenko (), Snytko (Ushenin, 75), I Trample down, Kantonistov, Kaleshin, Beschastnyh (Ermak, 46 (Biang, 84)).
the Main judge: Marushko S (Samara)
Assistants: Antons L (Vladimir), Yard keepers I (Zhukovsky)