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Splinter removal

Is thought, quantity of stories about this game, anyhow maintaining a word combination the Czech duel will be critical. But in a match Zenith and the Dynamo that has taken place on May, 8th on Petrovsky from the Czech theme was not to leave. The same as and not to ignore the insulting last year`s slap in the face received Zenith from today`s visitors. During that season the insult remained not otmshchennoj. The splinter remained.
the cares were and at visitors. a dynamo cannot adjust realisation of scoring chances in any way. Yes, and game it is white - blue while it is far from perfect. The structure of owners was guessed - Petrzhela has exposed the same fighters, as in a victorious match with Spartakom visitors have preferred more attacking variant, rather than it was expected.
game from the very beginning it was set - Zenith tried to combine, the Dynamo - To shower a ball forward, hoping for discounts of Bulykina and speed of Baffura.
Already on the third minute Kerzhakov has broken to collars of visitors, but could not strike exact blow. a dynamo has answered with dangerous counterattack and penal. In some minutes Spivak successfully left on transfer of Kerzhakova - Berezovsky was on a place.
it became clear - game through passage at owners will not be. Dinamovtsy even approached to penal the contender is more often, but, business did not reach real threats. The impression began to be made that similar wastefulness will be punished. And has occurred. Kerzhakov blow with penal approximately from thirty metres has deduced Zenith forward. There was 33 minute of a match. Game has gone more cheerfully. And in nine minutes of an abacus has left - Pots has squeezed out all of, apparently, already won back situation.
the second time became the present nightmare for Yaroslav Grzhebika. Already on 47 minute Radimov has taken out a ball from empty zenitovskih a collar. On 69 minute the ball long rushed about in penal Zenith but so anybody also did not realise the moment. On 81 minute Spivak has interrupted pass of Baffura and Zbonchaka. On 86 minute Malafeev could interrupt the most dangerous canopy of same Baffura. And on 87 - Shumulikoski has repeated a feat Radimov, having taken out a ball from empty gate.
in total visitors zaporoli 4 cleanest scoring chances. zenith too did not sit out in defence, but the moments pitertsev were not so dangerous - pass of Maresha on 53 minute, Kerzhakov hardly was not obokral the played Berezovsky on 71 minute, dangerously passed Radek Shirl, Berezovsky on a line of gate took a ball in hands after transfer of the defender, there was a chance at Gartiga - here, perhaps, and all.
at the same time, sensations of injustice of an event were not - in game of Muscovites any hopelessness was felt. zenith On the contrary, despite defence errors, looked more collected and combative, and the main thing, assured of a victory which the whistle of Gvardisa and has fixed Vengeance, can, and has not taken place, but a splinter from hearts of Petersburg fans, Zenith perhaps, has taken out. Ekaterina Grigoriev

the Press - conference of trainers. J.Grzhebik, the Dynamo :
- What to tell? I think, we have spent today good game, have shown good football. Fine weather, good spectators, good game. Owners have won. We did not manage to score goals. It is our problem in last matches. When we can solve this problem, we can win. From the beginning of the championship it only one problem - to score a goal. We create many moments, we have many chances in each game.
V.Petrzhela, Zenith :
is there was not that game to which we have got used. The contender did not play combinational football. It had long transfers on high players well playing by a head. But from these discounts they could hammer. It was very difficult for our half-backs because she ran without a ball. It was the first command lately which played in such a way: long transfer on Bulykina or Gjana, or on other player. I am very happy that we have won this game. We could hammer, the contender could hammer too. But the most important thing for football is a result. Result, good for us, for Peter.
zenith - the Dynamo 2:0
Goals: Kerzhakov, 33, Pots, 42
St.-Petersburg, stadium Petrovsky 22 000 spectators.
preventions: Konoplyov, 90 - Mihajlov, 58, Tanasievich, 76
Malafeev, Shumulikoski, Gorak, Maresh, Spivak, Pots, Radimov (Konoplyov, 88), Shirl, Bystrov (Katulsky, 66), Arshavin (Gartig, 77), Kerzhakov.
the Dynamo:
Berezovsky, Hanek, Batak, Tanasievich, Gjan Baffur, Vlchek, Djatel (Mihajlov, 34), Bulykin, Zbonchak (Sheppard, 82), Gashek, Polovinchuk (Yashin, 61).
the Main judge: Gvardis A (Kaliningrad)