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Russia leaves in an European championship semi-final

Surprising situations has developed before last round in group And in the European championship on football among young men till 17 years. After a victory over a national team of Hungary and a great defeat from Spanish national team the Russian team became the hostage of result of a match between these commands. Three passed balls handicapped Igor Kolyvanov`s wards in the event that three commands would type on six points. The majority of experts to whom it was possible to communicate, asserted that the Spanish team will play with Hungarians at the full capacity for on tournament of such level okolofutbolnye intrigues are excluded. Anyway, but behind the second match in group has gone to observe the head of the Russian delegation in the European championship Yury Smirnov, and football players and trainers needed to concentrate on game with owners of competitions.

To a match players of a national team of Luxembourg and their trainer Ronni Bonvini in interview let know that intend to give Russian national team battle. Therefore Igor Kolyvanov repeatedly warned the football players that is necessary to be in earnest about the contender very much. Loss of injured Vlasova and not absolutely successful actions of some players in the previous matches have forced a trainer`s staff to go on shifts in structure. Since first minutes have in the field appeared the central defender from Zenith Bobrovsky, the forward Krylja Sovetov Korotayev and its clubmate, basic halfback Scherbak.
Russians this day at stadium had fans. He/she is the ambassador of Russia in Luxembourg Edward Malajan and some more employees of embassy. Having grasped with itself the Russian flag, they all game supported the compatriots. In Luxembourg today all the day went tiresome, the continuous rain, and a lawn was very slippery. Quality weeding first prevented to show to our children football peculiar to them. Yes contenders have appeared not from shy ten. Captain De Saj and especially Pjanich periodically blew up, forcing defence of the Russian national team to pay them attention. Territorial advantage was on the party of Russians, but the dangerous moments they have created to a break not so much. Scherbak`s distant blow was remembered, after which Kasteljani has hardly taken away a ball in hands, yes an exit to Ryzhov`s who has missed from an acute angle collars, attacking empty gate. And all - taki the class of wards of Igor Kolyvanova has affected. On 31 - j Scherbak has given to minute a brilliant diagonal pass on Gorbatenko, and that without preparation has gracefully laid a ball in a far corner from twenty five metres - 1:0.
In the second time two-edged, attacking football from both parties has in the field gone. One command in every way aspired to recoup, and the second - to fix advantage. Passions in the field burst forth, sometimes emotions gushed over players, from here a considerable quantity of preventions. In a number of the moments it was necessary to show skill of Pomazanu, but all - taki was felt that Igor Kolyvanova`s wards look more solid. On 75 - j to minute Gorbatenko did not realise a pure exit in private with the goalkeeper, and it is literally in an instant of an abacus became 2:0. The excellent pass of Sapety from the right flank without hindrances was closed by Korotayev. On a twist of fate during this moment on stadium the information has arrived that Spaniards have scored to Hungarians the second goal. After that it became definitively clear that the Russian national team has received the permit in a semi-final, having got to the four of the strongest teams of Europe. A deserved success of domestic football! On May, 11th our football players will meet very powerful German national team.
- today there was very difficult match, - has told on poslematchevoj a press - conferences the head coach of Russian national team Igor Kolyvanov. - The national team of Luxembourg is well organised and very densely played to defence. To crack it it was represented by a problem uneasy. Besides we have spent before two heavy matches with Spaniards and Hungarians. It is good that have hammered in two balls and have finished a meeting to a victory.
- you assumed, what the contender will show such qualitative football?
- I warned about it the football players. Quite explainably that owners aspired to show everything before the fans, on what are capable. Anyway, players of a national team of Luxembourg operated very actively. In general I liked defence of the contender. When Gorbatenko has scored very beautiful goal, to us it became easier.
- your purpose on this tournament is already reached, or before a command new problems will be put?
- the Initial purpose is really executed. That in our group the first place was occupied with Spain, fairly. It very much a strong team. In group In More preferably German national teams and Czechia looked. After our contender on a semi-final will be defined, we will think over tactics.
the instructor of a national team of Luxembourg Ronni Bonvini has congratulated the colleague on an exit in a semi-final, having complained about the non-realised moments. But it was not a shame to it with game of the wards.
Russia - Luxembourg 2:0 (1:0)

Goals: Gorbatenko, 31 (1:0). Korotayev, 76 (2:0)

Russia: It is spread, Frosts, Samsonov, Amirhanov (Mochalin, 72), Bobrovsky, Kashiev, Fomin, Scherbak (Sapeta, 51), Gorbatenko, Korotayev, Ryzhov (Marenich, 41)

Luxembourg: Kasteljani, Martino, Shojler, Kettenmejer, Rodriguez (Hilbert, 72), Bettmer, Pjanich, De Saj, Albaneze, Volume (Bossi, 70), Djurich (Janich, 38)
Preventions: Pjanich, 8. Fomin, 16. Scherbak, 39. Albaneze, 58. Korotayev, 61. De Saj, 70. Sapeta, 80+3

Judges: A.Stavrev (Macedonia), K.Satman (Turkey), Z.Garsia Trigo (Portugal)

on May, 8th. Esperanzh. Stadium of Gigolo Tajsa. 1450 spectators. 15 degrees

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