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Fight at Eindhoven (a preview to an UEFA Cup final)

On Thursday evening in the Dutch Eindhoven will take place an UEFA Cup final in which will meet English Middlesbrough and Spanish Seville .
Middlesbrough conducted desperate struggle for a survival in the prime minister - league, and also has reached finishing stages of the Cup of England and the Cup of English league. In the last game under the direction of Steve Maklarena who in August will head a national team, Boro will battle with Seville for an UEFA Cup.
we will notice that the English team has reached the final for the first time one of Euro cups. On a way to Eindhoven Middlesbrough has overcome by a rule of an exit goal Stuttgart and to Rum and then has shown character and has got the best over Basel and Stjaua . In duels with two last commands the McLaren team recouped, conceding with a difference in three balls. Seville the lot has three times reduced with Russian teams. At first Spaniards have conceded in a group stage to Zenith then at a stage 1/ wards of Huande Ramosa have passed 16 endings Moscow the Locomotive . Having beaten on the sum two match French Lille Spaniards should meet again with Zenith . This time it was possible to take a revenge, and Seville left in a semi-final.
in a semi-final to Seville German " resisted; SHalke which was considered as the main favourite of an UEFA Cup. In Germany Spaniards have reduced the first meeting in a draw 0:0, despite fierce attacks of Germans. And in a house match the goal of Puerty in an extra time has deduced Seville in the ending of the oldest cup of Europe.
honour to judge an UEFA Cup final between Middlesbrough and Seville has dropped out 42 - to summer German arbitrator Herbert Fandelju.
will Predict the winner extremely difficultly. But bookmakers from Sportingbet assume that at Seville it is more than chances of a victory. Factor on a victory of Spaniards 2. 40. On a victory Midlsboro 3. 00. The Same factor, it agree to quotations , a drawn game.