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Barcelona it was defined with the trainer

Charles Reksach and its assistant Jose Ramon Alehanko remain trainers Barcelonas and next year. It declared the president of Catalan club Hoan Gaspar. I was one of those who persuaded him to remain, and, on - to mine, it remained is happy with the offer. When he has taken a command, I have told at once that it can remain for a year. Reksach has answered that will think. Now it has made the decision. Prolongation of the contract with the trainer will not depend in any way on what results the command in this season " will show; - has declared Gaspar.
Reksach till the present moment was fulfilling duties of the head coach after in the end of April Lorentso Serra Ferrer has been dismissed for unsatisfactory results. It was supposed that Reksach will fulfil only till the end of this season, and then other instructor should replace it. Ektora Cooper`s names, Fabio Kapello, Arsene Vengera and Ronald Kumana were called. However as a result all four have refused. To Gaspara there was a small choice, but it all - taki was. But Gaspar has decided not to suffer and has left all as is.
Barcelona now takes the fifth place in the championship and risks not to get to League of champions.