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Australians have beaten now and quadruple world champions

Australia has acted on the Cup of Confederations above any praises. In a match for the third place Australians have changed quadruple world champions of Brazilians. The only goal in this meeting for six minutes has up to the end spent attacking Sheffield Junajted Sean Murphy. After a canopy from the right flank Stena Lazaridisa Brazilians have managed to leave in loneliness before the collars at once two contenders. Murphy could not drive a ball in a grid. Dida it was powerless.
Australians on this Cup of Confederations have beaten at once two world champions. Earlier in a match of group tournament there were poverzheny Frenchmen. Farina, the halfback of modular Australia, was very happy with how the command has played on tournament: On - to mine, we have begun a new era of the Australian football. Now nobody will concern us indulgently. We have perfectly played against very strong teams . Certainly, Brazilians can justify that in their structure stars have not played, such as Rivaldo, Romario, Kafu and etc. But even in such situation to lose Australia is more useless. However, the moments they have created very much. Even after Murphy Brazilija`s goal could hammer, and time and again. However this time it has not carried. Washington and Magno Alvesh missed from vygodnejshih positions.
after a match the trainer of Brazilians Emerson Leao has told that it is a shame to it. However as the justification he has referred to nonprofessional actions of the Brazilian Federation of Football. In its opinion, she could not insist on that tournament was spent to other terms, and football players had to play against the big weariness.