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Defeat in Iokogame obliges us to win Belgium

Russian national team has lost the second match in the World championship. Our football players have conceded to a command of Japan with account 0 - 1.
the Russian national team Starting lineup has a little surprised fans and experts. Oleg Romantsev has let out all one attacking Ruslana Pimenova. Since first minutes there was in the field Igor Semshov. Besides, Oleg Ivanovich has dared to allow to play to Alexey Smertin, whose participation in a duel was in doubt. Alexander Mostovoj remained in a stock.
in the beginning of the first time the Russian team owned small advantage. We managed to impose to the contender quiet rate of game and often to own a ball. However the dangerous moments at gate of goalkeeper Naradzaki arose not so much. The most real chance for a capture of gate has arisen at Marata Izmaylov on 16 - j to minute. The halfback the Locomotive has struck good blow on the right. The ball has very little dispersed from a lateral rack. Not bad operated on the left flank Semshov which tried to escape from the defender and to make a pass in the centre. However in penal Japanese operated accurately enough and did not allow ours to take away a ball.
Japanese are closer to the middle of the first time have a little increased rate and could press Russian national team to its collars. However these minutes our defenders operated confidently enough and did not allow contenders to leave on shock positions. On 27 - j to minute unique more - less dangerous moment was at Hidetoshi Nakaty who of limits penal has struck considerably above gate.
by the end of the first time Russians managed to level game. On 38 - j to minute there was a point at issue from the point of view of refereeing. Titov has given a ball to the right Solomatinu. That has seen in penal Semshova and has done to its sharp pass. However Igor has not reached a ball and has fallen. Judge Markus Grew dim has shown that it is possible to play. Only the video review has confirmed that Japanese player Todo nevertheless broke rules on Semshove and consequently should be a penalty. However it was extremely difficult to see this foul that is why the arbitrator has not stopped game in a chaos of players, without having seen infringement of rules. As a result, on a command break have left at account 0 - 0.
In a break Romantsev has let out in the field of Sychev. However, it again - taki during that moment was unique our forward - Ruslan Pimenov who some times in the first time did not reach a ball in penal japntsev has bowled off. Sychev already on the first minute of the stay in the field has a little aggravated game and has installed some optimism. However on 51 - j to minute the situation has radically changed. Inamoto has received a pass from Janagisavy on the verge offsajda, left on gate and has easy laid a ball in a grid. In game Italy - Croatia the judge on a line quite could lift a tag, however this time the basic brigade the Measure was not mistaken, that is why the goal has been included - 1 - 0.
After that the trainer`s staff of Russian national team has gone on changes in structure. Left in the field of Crests and Beschastnyh who have accordingly replaced Izmaylov and Smertin. Beschastnyh already in the first contact of a ball had fine chance to rescue game. It has received a ball from Hohlova on the left flank, has passed forward, has beaten the goalkeeper. However from an acute angle Vladimir has not got to empty gate.
after that splash from Russian national team advantage has passed to Japanese. They used that in defence of our command there were rarefied zones. There was a rupture between the centre and protection. And our players of a back line any more did not look so confidently. Japanese had some moments, but to a goal mouth did not get. Especially to Russians has carried, when the ball after blow of Hidetoshi Nakaty has got to a crossbeam.
And still Russians have spent last 20 minutes in attack. However intelligence in actions of our football players was a little. Attempts to make a pass a bottom in the penal were stopped by defenders who operated both number, and ability. Canopies were absolutely addressless. Blows from afar left considerably above gate. At ours Egor Titov whom it is possible to name the most active as a part of a Russian team tried to incur a role of the leader. He constantly struggled for a ball and beat from different positions, but its blows did not have not enough accuracy. And here Valery Karpin could not show the better qualities - it could block It.
last minutes the ball could fly in Russian national team gate. However Markus Grew dim did not begin to appoint a penalty after Nikiforov has rigidly enough played in penal against Janagisavy. So in favour of Japan it is not necessary to talk about refereeing.
the Final whistle of the German arbitrator has fixed a victory of modular Japan with account 1 - 0. Now the command from the Country of a rising sun has come out on top. As to Russian national team it is necessary for it to win now final round of Belgians and to count on the help from a command of Tunis. Oleg Romantsevu anyway should think now seriously over tactics of game of a national team in last match and a starting lineup problem.
Japan - Russia 1 - 0
the Goal: Inamoto, 51
Preventions: Mijamoto, K.Nakata, Nakajama - Pimenov, Solomatin, Nikiforov Line-ups
Japan Naradzaki, Matsuda, It (Kattori, 75), H.Nakata, Suzuki (Nakajama, 72), Janagisava, Inamoto (Fukunishi, 85), K.Nakata, Mijamoto, Miodzin, Toda
Russia Nigmatullin, Kovtun, Nikiforov, Solomatin, Semshov, Onopko, Karpin, Titov, Smertin (Beschastnyh, 57), Izmaylov (Crests, 52), Pimenov (Sychev, 46)