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Red devils expect to overtake Russian national team (the announcement of matches which will take place on June, 10th)

the Main match for the Russian fans on Monday becomes game between Belgium and Tunis. As in game against red devils in the third round the destiny of our national team on a world championship will dare.
it is valid, to count to us now remains only on a victory of Russian national team and successful game of Tunis in matches against the basic applicants for an exit in the following circle.
the national team of Belgium in this game is considered the doubtless favourite. At red devils it is a lot of problems with structure about which it was much told prior to the beginning of the World championship. Nevertheless, the infirmary of the Belgian national team gradually becomes empty. The exit in the field of Glenn de Beka, which in a companionable match on " is already quite real; Herds de France has hammered in a decisive match into French national team gate. And here Niku Van Kerkhovenu should pass game against Tunis. This football player was not restored till now after a trauma. However, on its place in a duel with Japan Van der has not bad acted as Hejden who has evened up scores vtom a match. It is obvious that the Belgian protection, which flaws were obviously visible in game against owners of the championship, will have this time not so a lot of work, considering a low class of contenders.
as to a national team of Tunis to it the maximum should be counted on neutral result. The match against Russia has shown that the African command and did not leave crisis which began to be shown from the beginning of this year. Goalkeeper Bumnizhel on which fault Egor Titov`s goal has been scored uncertainly looks. And still we can hope that Africans can gather and show worthy resistance to Europeans.
in two other matches wrestle for life or death is expected. South Korea and the USA will argue for a rank of the main opening of the championship along with Senegal. Here it is necessary to recognise as the favourite Asians, whose physical preparation looked simply excellent in game against Poland. If Koreans can and in game with Americans to rush across the field all 90 minutes they can count on the second victory. In this case, Asians practically will provide to themselves an exit in 1/ 8 endings. As to a national team of the USA she should count on successful realisation of scoring chances that representatives of the North America have visually shown in a match against Portugal. However the same game has shown that on all 90 minutes of the American football players can not suffice.
game between Portugal and Poland will define the main loser. Both commands counted on much before the beginning mundialja, but yet do not justify the given out advance payments. In particular it concerns Portugueses whom many named applicants for medals. Much will depend on a condition of Luisha the Fig which in a match against the USA yet has not found the best form. This time at the halfback Real any more there will be no justifications. From it fans wait blestjashchejigry, sharp transfers and the hammered balls. As a part of Poland national team the main hope on - former is Olisadebe who in the first match and could not show itself to the full. It is interesting that before game the head coach of Poles Ezhi Engel has promised to shave the favourite moustaches in case of success. If the instructor decides to leave at the last minute the sight Poles should book tickets home.