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Michael Gershkovich: Good luck has turned away from us

After a match in Iokogame between Russian national teams and Japan has taken place a press - conference. From our command on it there was Michael Gershkovich.
After defeat from modular Japan the trainer of a Russian team Michael Gershkovich did not look too discouraged. He has noticed that ahead still a match against Belgium the victory in which will deduce Russians in 1/ 8 endings. That while all in hands of our command, inspires Gershkovichu certain optimism. He also has declared that game of Japanese did not become for it unexpectedness. The public desperately supporting the contender did not render a great influence on football players as many of them on the century saw and not the such. in the first time we often lost a ball, and here in the second looked better than Japanese. We had some possibilities to hammer, but good luck has turned away from us. Players shot at the goal much, but mainly wide of the mark - has added Gershkovich.
the Head coach of modular Japan Phillip Trusse after a victory over Russians has noticed that on command shoulders the big responsibility lay. The French expert considers that owners of the World championship have shown brilliant game, especially in this solving second match. Trusse has refused to allocate someone from the wards. He has underlined that the command is strong the unity, and each football player has done huge volume of work. The victory, according to the instructor, will give to confidence as to a national team, and the country as a whole. our problem is the exit from group. We understand that football sometimes happens extremely illogical and intend to concentrate on the following game with Tunis - summarised Trusse. The Frenchman has added that is madly glad to train this command which is pride of the nation. However despite general triumph, Japanese already come back today in the training camp where will continue the employment, informs official site FIFA.