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So on what Palych is capable?

Andrey Maksin
many had the right to set such question to themselves after a victory over Latvians. Then game of a national team has not impressed, but also has not disappointed, the necessary result has been reached. The meeting with German national team, let and being now in creative search, but traditionally registered on one of the continent strongest teams, again can stump numerous analysts from football.
for incomplete week Yury Semin`s wards have spent two absolutely different games. In the first match the rate has been made on reliable defence, the main thing not to pass, and hammer at the expense of more high-class executors we can. And left. Russians as have begun a today`s match openly so its (visor) both have not closed. Also it has again turned out. The drawn game extracted last minutes, quite could turn back a victory, if not a ridiculous first goal in gate of Ovchinnikova. And all could be and on the contrary, get Ballak with 2 - h metres not to the goalkeeper Loko and where - nibud by it. Then the ball the automatic machine would proceed in gate.
the structure of the Russian national team if than also has surprised that, so it that the gold and silver prize-winner of superiority was represented by ten players, on five on each club. Among them zatesalsja Anjukov, played an appreciable role in a match. As to Germans to utter without errors of a surname of all players who have left in the field, the logopedist with the experience is capable only: SHvajnshtajger, Hittselshperger, and etc.
the match Beginning remains to Mertezaker behind German national team, but Russians have not retired to the background and spitefully snapped towards gate of Caen which warm and friendly breath of Lemmana is constant chustvuet behind the back. Not on - companionably, has simply untidily played in a debut of Balllak, podkatom behind nearly without having torn off a foot to Izmaylov. Maratu it was necessary to be replaced and from a bench he very plaintively looked at an event in the field. However, for it in the second time have revenged, the German captain too pokovyljal to an edge, truth has in the field returned. Well and thank God, after all nobody bears malice to a command of the contender, same Ballak for certain has casually cut Izmaylov, as a superfluous grass.
Podolski, young German talent, is decent zaterzal national team defence, and one of its blows Ovchinnikov has hardly translated on a corner. There and then our answer to Chamberlain: Parisian Semak who has left instead of Izmaylov irresistibly from - for limits penal beat in the nine but Caen, in time having remembered about a phantom of Lemmana, blow parried. Well here we were got and have given out the shock five-minute right-flank attack became which wreath. Semak has thrown a ball on Sychev, that in one contact prokinul a ball on entered, more precisely run in in penal Anjukova, samarets cut off a corner and has punched between feet of Caen. At that counterarguments were not, and Russian national team has moved in the account.
Somebody heard something about German character? Knowingly, the reciprocal goal has not kept itself waiting. At first someone from brothers Berezutsky has beaten out at the last minute a ball from - under feet of Podolski, and in the following attack that has given a discount for Shvajnshtajgera which has punched on the centre of gate. Ovchinnikov has rushed to cover a ball, but it is vain. Anjukovu it would be necessary to issue a double for a national team, and the ricochet from his foot has appeared for the Boss a problem unsoluble.
before a break Germans have arranged preventive storm, and one only Ballak could cause a stir few times, but the fate was not on its party. After a break Semin has let out in the field those who wanted to hammer - zenitovskuju in a sheaf: Kerzhakov has replaced Zhirkova, and Arshavin - Sychev.
Anjukov so why Shvajnshtajger should lag behind it Was noted by a double? The halfback of German national team has passed on the left edge, has come nearer to penal and from - under the defender has punched in a near corner. Not that that is strong, not in grinding in with a bar, but Ovchinnikov moved to this moment in perfect other direction and blow has taken him unawares. Very much was surprised zhelenodorozhnik when has seen a ball in a grid, after all earlier it simply has not made out a ball behind tall backs of defenders.
a few commands have got a bit tired and have started to beat from afar. And nobody shunned. Alexey Berezutsky has not bad struck, it is a pity that directly on the centre. Future issue has given out Ballak. At the very beginning of the review I have mentioned its moment. Yet have not forgotten, as Shevchenko during added time has managed to get with 2 - h metres in Dudeka and to history, as the person, zaporovshy to Milan a prize in League of champions? So Ballak has proved that it is worse nothing than the owner the Gold ball to it too such on forces.
football god has not endured such neglect its gifts. When the reserve judge has lifted a board with three added to the basic time of the second time minutes, Aldonin cut out an amazing pass on Arshavina, that has fast escaped from defenders, has beaten in the right party of Caen and, being at an angle approximately vpjat degrees to collars, has punched on them. The ball has flown in vratarskuju and has already started to cross a line of gate, but for a confidence dense forest run Kerzhakov has brought it in a grid together with itself. I would write down a goal into the account of Arshavina, well and there as judges will solve.
to leave at the last moment from defeat, let and in a companionable match, it not our principle. Earlier the national team during added time only loses points could. So let one good habit - aspiration to struggle up to the end in Semin`s command begins more. It was showed in a match with Germans, God grant will help us and on CHM - 2006 with Germany.
German national team - Russian national team 2 - 2
Shvajnshtajger, 30, 68 - Anjukov, 26; Arshavin, 90
Preventions: Hinkel, 14 - Semak, 24; Sennikov, 67
German national team: Caen, Hinkel (Dajsler, 46), Fridrih, Mertezaker, Hittselshperger, Schneider, Frings, Ballak, Shvajnshtajger (Kurani, 84) Asamoa (Khanka, 61), Podolski (Ernest, 84)
Russian national team: Ovchinnikov, A.Berezutsky, V.Berezutsky, Anjukov, Sennikov, Yevseyev, Loskov, Zhirkov (Kerzhakov, 46), Izmaylov (Semak, 8), Aldonin, Sychev (Arshavin, 72)
the Judge: Plautts (Austria)
Germany. Menhengladbah. Stadium Borussia Park