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Ferguson has developed the plan for two years

the Head coach Manchester United sir Alex Ferguson has discussed one of these days the two-year plan developed by it on development of a command with the new owner of club Malkolmom Glazer. In a current of a meeting sir Alex has in detail explained as it is going to form a team just as it was in 90 - h.
Owners of club have been impressed by Ferguson`s grandiose plans. They far from football have unconditionally believed to everything that the trainer has told and already that fact looks ridiculous that to Ferguson could put forward any ultimatums.
we now form a new team sir Alex has declared. any who observes of us, can see it. We took weight of young football players which shortly become super - stars of world size in our club. We have signed absolutely young Krishtiano Ronaldo and Wayne Runi. We have also Darrena Fletcher, to which yet does not have all step to become the fantastic player .
Ferguson believes that in two years its club can win any of the most prestigious football trophies. Middle age of a command become successful in League of champions for a long time already not below 29 years, therefore in plans mankunianskogo the trainer to bring up for these two years all youth, and then to win with it everything that is possible.