Rus News Journal

On bezrybe (the comment to Russian national team matches)

Leonid Edlin

From any change of places composed spectators wait for something cardinally new. It as with heads of the state. The pier, will come the new president, and here all of us will begin to live much better. The new helmsman replaces old, and anything, as a matter of fact, and does not change, and if changes, to the worst. Head coaches of a national team alternate much more often, than the first persons of the state, and from them each time wait for fresh trends. Also do not wait, because there is no place these trends to undertake.

well there are no at Semin for us other football players. So left that in the Prime minister - league half leaving in the field of players - legionaries, and abroad our times - two and obchelsja. Therefore how Yury Palycha`s trainer`s sights differed from the concept of Jartseva, to embody these sights all the same is intended the same people. Ah, yes have invited Semak and Bojarintseva whom Jartsev in an emphasis did not see. But the halfback Spartaka in general this week was spent as in a tour, and by the legionary from PSZH though all match, " has played with Germans; to thank for it owe rude fellow Ballaka who has broken Izmaylov in the beginning companionable like of a match.

in the rest all same persons, it is a little on - to another placed. Perhaps it, truth, and to the best: when as a part of a national team there is no special leapfrog, it reminds stability. But in our case it, more likely, reminds poverty of our earth on football talents. Only, perhaps, in vratarskoj lines at Semin the choice is, moreover what! Akinfeev and Ovchinnikov - goalkeepers at least the European level, Borodin with Malafeevym too do not give an occasion to reproaches.

as to arrangement of players in two debut matches Semin moved to the favourite scheme which it with success practised in the Locomotive . At an ideal variant for Palycha in the field there are five nominal defenders, two from which all match tirelessly scurry about on flanks. Against Latvia there was only one such a shuttle - Anjukov, and in Menhengladbahe has joined it Yevseyev. It has allowed to create a powerful fist in a midfield, consisting of two basic havov and two insajdov. Well, if Semin also introduces further it nou - hau, at a command, at last, there will be a corporate style.

while all these novelties look a little syrovato as, however, and should be. Very many the command has inherited from that, jartsevskoj. It continues to show all habitual lacks of the Russian football, and of some parametres has not time to show advantage yet. We will tell, our school is famous weak realisation of scoring chances. With seminskoj we so while could not understand a national team, as as often it realises: Few these moments for two matches have been created. Russian teams badly dispose of standard positions. Yes, and once again yes: this illness has passed in a chronic stage and, probably, is treated only by the most cardinal methods of type of a tomb.

Russian teams badly play a head. Concerning a present national team this statement only is half true. In defence on the second floor brothers Berezutsky and Sennikov looked in a match with Germans powerfully and confidently. Well and in attack, as always, to brag to us there was nothing: there, in turn, low forwards and halfbacks were beaten by German grenadiers.

understanding all it, Semin staked on zabeganija, game in a pass and speed of the attacking. As a result after fast passes both balls to the Germans, one - to Latvians have been hammered, moreover and has been earned a penalty. Well, you a welcome to all we have. With leaving in a shade of Bulykina our attack has lost in hallows. Semin not in a condition to make Kerzhakova on 15 centimetres above, and than Sychev is wider in shoulders. And use their better qualities to the full it can and should.

If to judge by results, round St.-Petersburg - Menhengladbah of the Russian national team has gone right. If to judge on game, chances to go to the same Germany in a year and for longer term, and there not to be dishonoured, with a national team remain. But here everything as it is represented, will depend on elementary good luck.

there will be no goal of Arshavina last minute a German match, all would be not so pleasantly, and national team estimations would be exposed absolutely others. In games where any of commands is not present overwhelming advantage, the result in many respects depends on accidents. In a long qualifying tournament - too, but here always there is a chance all to correct. It is impossible to tell that the Russian team has deserved a trip to Germany more than the same Slovaks. That have deserved less - too you will not tell. Here also it turns out that on the qualifying tournament termination those to whom has more carried will win.

how many time various our national teams missed permits on world forums from - for unfavourable disposition of fate. Judges not so will whistle for that, the goalkeeper a skin will start up, still something. It only when we on a head are stronger than contenders on group, accident to us not a hindrance. And we will hold now fists not only for Semin and its command. But also for that the fate at last has paid attention to distressful Russian national team.