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Krylja Sovetov have sensationally lost Kuban

Before this round of a command took the second and ninth places accordingly. Krylja Sovetov thanking 9 - ti to points which they have typed in last three matches, could achieve such good result, and here the Krasnodar club, on the contrary, from - for abundances of neutral outcomes dangles in the middle of standings.
a day before a match the birthday was noted by Ivan Shpakov, and directly in day of game birthday should mark there was Oleg Trifonov. The best gift to doublers at the given stage from partners on main to a command there would be, of course, a victory. Especially Kuban on a class it is ready below the Samara club.
the match debut was noted in the low speeds. Players with great difficulty went to attack as though it did not wish. The first shoot for goal has taken place only on the ninth minute, when Kovba which up to the end have been not defined that will execute: blow or a canopy, has sent a football shell to area of an angular tag. To the middle of first half of game krasnodartsy have started to fall quite often in penal owners, eliciting thus a penalty. The judge has not restrained, and in the third such episode when Vitaly Kaleshin once again has effectively landed on a lawn, has shown to the halfback Kuban a mustard plaster.
so actually the first time also has come to the end. Any of commands could not even put though how many - nibud a dangerous shoot for goal of the contender. In second half of game the picture was sharply replaced with the opposite.
all spectators on tribunes were not in time still to return on the places after a break as in a grid of the Krasnodar club the first ball has flown. House preparation of the Samara club has worked. The regular executor penal - Shvetsov has hung from the standard in the penal area of gate. The ball has arrived on a head of Topicha which has irresistibly punched a head and has deduced the command forward - 1:0. On it Krylja Sovetov have not wanted to stop and in four minutes have practically provided to itself the second goal. Medvedev has given a pass on a course of Topichu which has irresistibly punched on collars, but it is necessary to take off simply in this episode a hat before Gabulovym who nevertheless could rescue the command from a goal.
this call has taught nothing visitors, for what they have there and then paid. A canopy on 53 - j to minute of a match and the player of the Krasnodar command, without being in time beyond Butom, sfolil on it, thereby, having brought a penalty to the gate. Odinnadtsatimetrovyj coolly realised Mudzhiri - 2:0.
Everything, game is made! - it was carried by on stadium. That fan as he was mistaken would know. Krylja Sovetov involuntarily began to depart to the collars and have opened thereby access to oxygen for the contender. The ball has not kept itself waiting long. On 57 - j to minute of a meeting. Oleg Ivanov has ventured distant blow from - for limits penal. Makarov eyes spent a ball to a grid - 2:1. This goal also became critical in this meeting.
the trainer samartsev has decided not to risk and has there and then cleaned Marko Topicha - one of the best in the field, instead of it there was Anton Bobyor. The idea is clear, it was necessary to sate a midfield. Then the helmsman Krylja Sovetov has made one more course, Shvetsova were replaced with Gadzhiev. These two replacements, probably, steels for club the fatal. At first Rikkardo which have left on replacement, like Ivanov has punched from - for limits penal. Makarov a ball has reached, but strongly change its trajectory could not - 2:2. And then and again Ivanov who has issued in a match a double.
Remember that a penalty in gate Kuban has earned But? And so, in the episode which has happened on 88 - j to minute, But herself has pushed Ushenina in a back in penal. Vladislav Bezborodov has specified in a point. Oleg Ivanov after which blow, the ball has flown in a grid has approached to a ball. A double and 2:3. As tried to hammer Krylja Sovetov last minutes, left nothing. Kuban has slightly soaked the 7 drawn games the third victory.

Rosgosstrakh - the Championship of Russia. The prime minister - league. 12 - j round. On June, 9th
Krylja Sovetov (Samara) - Kuban (Krasnodar) - 2:3 (0:0)
Goals: Topich, 48, Mudzhiri, 51 - a penalty - Ivanov, 56, 89 - a penalty, Rikardo, 74
Preventions: Kaleshin, 35, Lajzans, 67
on June, 9th 2007. 18:30. Samara. Stadium the Metallurgist
Krylja Sovetov : Makarov, Longevka, Branko, But, Angbva, Kovba, Mudzhiri, Shvetsov (Gadzhiev, 68), Medvedev, Skvernjuk (Leilton, 87), Topich (the Beaver, 57)
Kuban : Gabulov, Nuts, Ushenin, Zaseev, Lengiel, Lajzans, Tlisov, Kaleshin, Chochiev (Rikardo, 54), Ivanov, Asildarov (Lebedev, 46)
the Judge: Vasily Bezborodov (St.-Petersburg)
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