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The plane They be 154 has landed with one working engine

the Plane They be 154 airlines Airlines of Dagestan crash-landed at capital airport Domodevo on Saturday, on December, 4th, has landed with one working engine. Representatives of the International aviation committee have informed on it (POPPY).
At height about 9 thousand in m there was a deenergizing of the first and third engines then the crew has started decrease for emergency landing performance. After the period of unstable work working capacity of the second engine was restored and remained up to a plane landing - experts have told the POPPY.
we will remind, the plane They be 154, belonging to airline Airlines of Dagestan made flight on a route Moscow - Makhachkala. After a departure from airport Vnukovo the aircraft has made a crash landing at the Domodedovo airport. The plane sat down with idle engines and was rolled out for limits take-off - a landing strip, having received thus serious damages.
onboard the liner there were 160 passengers, including seven children and nine crewmen. According to all available information, as a result of incident 83 persons have been hospitalised. Two passengers were lost: mother of the judge of the Constitutional court of the Russian Federation of Gadisa Gadzhiev Roza Gadzhiev, and also the brother of the president of Dagestan Magomedsalana Magomedov Gadzhimurad Magomedov.