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The Ministry of Emergency Measures prepares for New year: death rate from fires will grow three times

the Head of the Ministry of Emergency Measures of the Russian Federation Sergey Shojgu has urged rescuers to strengthen measures fire bezopasnosi in connection with approaching New Year`s holidays. On the statistican death rate as a result of fires during celebrating of New year increases three times. At us on New Year`s holidays every day perishes three times more people, than in usual days - has specified S.Shojgu.
according to the Ministry of Emergency Measures, in 2010. The critical indicator of death rate during New Year`s vacation has made 117 persons for one day.
on the average during this period 100 persons daily, besides perished that in usual days in fires 32 persons " perish on the average; - the head of the Ministry of Emergency Measures has declared during meeting of service of rescuers. Ponder and listen attentively to it. For New Year`s and Christmas holidays of 2010 has burnt down apartments and houses twice more than for all fires in all subjects of the Russian Federation in the summer of this year - the head of a life-saving service has noted.
S.Shojgu has disposed to spend spot-checks in places of a congestion of persons without a certain residence. The first similar check has passed this night in Moscow. Besides, the head of the Ministry of Emergency Measures has urged to give particular attention to garden and country sites where traditionally celebrates New year youth. Rescuers will spend spot-checks up to January, 15th.
the head of a life-saving service of the Russian Federation has concerned also a question of use of pyrotechnics. if we can not win, it is necessary to head - he has declared and has suggested to resolve sale of pyrotechnic products only under control of the Ministry of Emergency Measures. S.Shojgu is disturbed also by a problem of sale and alcohol consumption. if in everyday life the percent of victims in an alcohol intoxication from total of victims is in limits 60 - 70 % in holidays it increases to 90 - 95 % - the head of the Ministry of Emergency Measures has declared.