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The arbitration has refused to give the Kremlin to Ryurik dynasty

In Moscow the arbitration court sentence under the claim of Fund of assistance to the national and religious consent " is announced; Princely .
Fund Princely representing interests of descendants of princes of Ryurik dynasty, the claim to the government of Russia and the Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation about a recognition of the right of termless using has submitted the Moscow Kremlin to arbitration.
the fund intended to achieve through court the requirement right to Teremnoj a palace, Faceted chamber, the Aleksandrovsky garden, towers of the Kremlin. The claimant asserted that is going to use historical objects not in commercial, and only in cultural - the educational purposes.
in court the decision to refuse to the claimant in satisfaction of requirements have explained that the fund has not proved infringement of the rights . Claimants confirmed the right to the Kremlin with that the head of fund Valery Kubarev is Ryurik dynasty descendant. It has the title of the grand duke confirmed with the patent which has given out Ryurik dynasty Imperial house at the Spanish crown. According to the claimant, on this basis fund Princely has the right of termless using the Moscow Kremlin.
fund Princely raises a claim the property to 89 historical objects on territories of Russia, Ukraine and Poland. Among them Tula, Tobolsk, Rostov, Nizhniy Novgorod, Pskov, Astrakhan, Izborsky, Gdovsky stone kremli, and also a number of fortresses.