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The father of singer I.Dubtsovoj has died in the birthday

the Musician and producer Victor Dubtsov, the father of known Russian singer Irina Dubtsovoj, has died from heart attack in day of the birth. About it writes the Moscow Member of the Komsomol .
V.Dubtsov has died on December, 4th 2011. At the age of 60 years in Moscow. About midnight the producer together with the 56 - summer spouse Natalia has come back home from restaurant where it with friends celebrated birthday.
soon the man felt badly and has fainted. The spouse has caused first aid, but father I.Dubtsovoj has died before arrival of physicians. Doctors have established that his death has come out sharp warmly - vascular insufficiency.
V.Dubtsov played recently to musical group on percussion instruments. We will notice that it was the first producer of the daughter - in 1990 - h it has based children`s group which structure included Irina and two more girls.
His daughter - the popular Russian singer, the poet and the composer, the winner Factories of stars - 4 . Has by this time let out two albums.