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Bloger A. Navalnyj Alexey Navalnyj detained the day before in the centre of Moscow has received 15 days of arrest

Known bloger, is condemned for 15 days of administrative arrest.
as the correspondent informs, A.Navalnogo`s lawyers named its detention illegal. As witnesses of protection other participants of meeting have acted. By words blogera, no procession existed. A.Navalnyj asserts that went from meeting towards the Kuznetsk bridge, but has been surrounded by police and detained.
the field investigators who have detained blogera, recognised that A.Navalnyj pushed nobody, resisted, but it is not active . However the court has come to a conclusion that A.Navalnyj showed resistance to employees of the law and order. Thus in attention softening circumstances - presence of two minor children on expense and absence of criminal history have not been accepted.
on an exit from a court building bloger has declared that long it cannot proceed . The lawyer And. Navalnogo has promised to appeal.
the day before bloger participated in meeting around metro station Pure ponds which has been authorised by authorities of the capital. In the Ministry of Internal Affairs assert that organizers of meeting have tried to arrange illegal procession to a building of the Central Electoral Commission of Russia. Police special divisions have stopped this attempt and have detained some hundreds persons, including A.Navalnogo, the representative of movement Solidarity Ilya Yashin, the participant art - groups War Peter Verzilova, and also the active worker Dark blue buckets Peter Shkumatova.
Despite indications of witnesses of protection and the statement of the lawyers who have named all process in the Tver court a farce I.Yashin has been sentenced to 15 days of administrative arrest. Similar punishment was received by designer Egor Zhgun, also the arrested person in parkway Chistoprudnom.
about 20 arrested persons are obliged to pay the penalty at a rate of 500 roubles.
Litigations concerning arrested persons passed with law infringements, known lawyers have noted, having urged to begin parliamentary investigation.