Rus News Journal

2. Secrets of Post-Soviet opposition

Searches at active workers of opposition became a commonplace practically for all CIS countries. Traditionally at dissatisfied with the power take away office equipment and various documents. However in each country there is a specificity.
Russia: search of foreign sponsors
In Russia an overall objective of searches, seemingly, becomes search of foreign customers of oppositional actions. At least, on it it is informed in the statements of Investigatory committee explaining withdrawal in apartments of dissatisfied money resources. Thus the fact of a finding of sums of money treats separate mass-media on - to the. The pier, the country lives is rather poor, and at people millions are stored in apartments.
the find in apartment of TV presenter Xenia Sobchak approximately 1,5 million the euros which have been spread out on envelopes became the main achievement in this plan. In various editions at once there was an information that this money was obshchakom Oppositions also should go on the organisation of mass riots. However, it was then found out that it is a question of K.Sobchak`s personal money to which managed to explain their origin. It was necessary to return euro.