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4. Splinters of the rotted through mode: that it is possible to find at the failed dictators

In falling of dictatorships there is a moment which without dependence from political predilections of observers involves special attention. It is interesting to people to look, how in hands of winners there is a property of the former inhabitants of heaven. Old secrets at once reveal, become a reality or the settled myths leave in a non-existence for a long time.
a civilised method: classified documents
In Europe and the countries of the European part of the former USSR of revolution and capture of the property of the former dictators usually have civilised character. Among crowd necessarily there are representatives of the future special services who find something in a heap of papers useful and necessary. For example, in Petrograd in March 1917. At a search in a building of police administration representatives of the new authorities have accurately collected surnames of agents ohranki of which within the next few days and have got rid. The similar situation took place in 1991. In Grozny when Dzhohara Dudaev`s guardsmen after overthrow of the power of the first secretary of local Communist Party to Dock Zavgaeva and storm of a building of KGB have seized all data on a network of agents in the Chechen Republic (it already in 1994. Did not suffice federal forces).
During revolution in Serbia in 2005. The new authorities also have grasped the documentation of an ancient regime after storm of a building of parliament in Belgrad. Eyewitnesses, truth, asserted that inspectors a new mode behaved more in details, withdrawing from officials of an ancient regime office equipment with important records. Opponents of revolution, truth, asserted that withdrawn at searches then has been successfully sold in the Belgrad flea markets.
But to the mass spectator, certainly, it is more interesting to a television camera bright shots like a pulling down of a monument to Saddam Hussein in Bagdad or to Felix Dzerzhinsky in Moscow in 1991. For this reason things which dictators used in an everyday life are for show exposed, and have then thrown at deviation. For example, a tooth-brush with the gold handle and BMW of son Muammara Kaddafi Saadi. Or black leather jacket Dolce &Gabbana daughters of father Dzhamahirii Aishi. Also it is interesting to television cameras the tent of Kaddafi, and also an electromobile by which it went in foreign trips, an officer uniform in which it appeared on parades looked grasped and burnt to rebels in Tripoli.