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Raphael`s drawing has left from auction for the record price

Raphael`s Drawing the Head of the apostle 47,8 million dollars is sold in London at auction Sotheby`s, informs Associated Press. It is the maximum sum, when - or given by collectors for the image on a paper.
four buyers applied for acquisition of a masterpiece of the Italian painter. The private collector which name is not disclosed has won persistent struggle. It is known only that it did rates by phone.
product 1519., executed by coal, it has been created by the master as the sketch to one of the greatest cloths - to Transformation now being in a museum of Vatican. The sketch belonged to an ancient English aristocratic family of Kavendish throughout almost 300 years.
according to the expert of auction house Sotheby`s on Christina Romalli`s old masters, died in 1520. It is possible to consider Raphael as the greatest master of drawing from when - or living.
Sotheby`s, based in 1744., is one of the oldest in the world of auction houses. Together with Christie`s it occupies about 90 % of the world market of auction sales of subjects of art and antiques.