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Shuttle Atlantis started from cape Canaveral

Space shuttle Atlantis on Thursday started to the International space station (MKS) from cape Canaveral, informs National board on aeronautics and a space of the USA (NASA).
On Monday, on February, 4th, crew Atlantis has taken off for the Space centre of Kennedy in Florida for final preparation for start. The crew structure included Americans Stephen Frik, Lilend Melvin, Reks Uolhejm, Stenli of Lavas, Alan Pojndekster, German Hans Shlegel and Frenchman Leopold Ejartts.
Primary goals Atlantis are delivery to an orbit of module Columbus for continuation of building MKS, change onboard station of the flight engineer - 2, doosnashchenie MKS the additional equipment and spent materials, and also carrying out on external surface MKS of installation works. Joining with space station is planned at 20 o`clock. 24 minutes on February, 9th of this year
a shuttle will spend All in space of 12 days.
Earlier in connection with start Atlantis Russian Space Department has transferred start of the Russian cargo ship M Progress - 63 since February, 7th 2008. For February, 5th. Such decision was accepted at the desire of NASA.
we Will remind that originally Atlantis should start on December, 6th 2007., however from - for the technical malfunctions which have been found out in external gauges of fuel tanks, start was postponed some times.