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The USA have postponed start of shuttle Discovery

National space agency of the USA (NASA) has postponed the start of a shuttle first in this year. As informs Associated Press referring to a department official statement, possible technical malfunctions became the reason of a delay of start-up Discovery.
in particular, the space agency intends to check up valves of system of giving szhizhennogo hydrogen in fuel tanks. The edge of one of valves has come off during last start Discovery, without having caused harm. However experts are afraid that this time the similar case can lead to serious technical problems.
when check procedure will end, experts NASA have not specified. It is known only that flight Discovery to the International space station (MKS) will take place not earlier than February, 22nd 2009., while originally start has been planned for February, 12th.
Shuttle Discovery should deliver on MKS last elements of panels of solar batteries of station. Everything, before the assemblage termination, it is necessary to execute eight more flights of shuttles to station.
we will notice that problems with fuel tanks arise at shuttles often enough. In this connection NASA repeatedly postponed date of start of the spaceships. We will remind, what exactly from - for this problems in 2003. Shuttle Columbia was lost. At an input in atmosphere of the Earth, seven minutes prior to landing, the piece has come off a tank teploizoljatsionnoj foams which has damaged a ship wing that has led to accident.