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Inhabitants of Ukraine eat bulletins and arrange a striptease on sites

Among various infringements which are fixed by observers on presidential elections of Ukraine, is also funny enough.
for example, in the Poltava area a certain voter so has like idea of elections that has decided to eat the bulletin for voting in the face of members of electoral committee. It has spat out a nedozhevannuju paper in the same place then has gone to an exit. To leave to far it it was not possible. The man was detained by police officers. As it was found out, 50 - the summer voter was simply drunk.
not less amusing case has been fixed in Kiev. Five girls have come on polling district, have undressed and began to disturb to normal work of election committee . As it was found out, feminists have appeared on polling district of all for an hour before arrival there the candidate for Victor Yanukovych`s presidents. However, the party leader of regions so also has not seen them, as girls, Not putting in the statement on protest action carrying out police officers have withdrawn.
in the same place in Kiev of three young men have come to polling district and have hung up on an entrance door a metal chain with the hinged lock, and also have hung up a black flag. To learn, what exactly they wanted to achieve, and it was not possible.