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Exit poills: V.Yanukovych advances J.Timoshenko on 4 - 5 %

the Party leader of regions Victor Yanukovych wins presidential elections of Ukraine. As has informed a source in a selective staff of the politician of V.Yanukovych, it advances Yulia Timoshenko on 4 - 5 %.
According to the Ukrainian TV channel ICTV, Victor Yanukovych has typed 49,8 % of voices, and J.Timoshenko - 45,2 %.
National ekzit - half-l - 2010 which spent fund Democratic initiatives the Kiev international institute of sociology and the Center of A.Razumkova, has shown that V.Yanukovych has typed 48,7 %, and J.Timoshenko - 45,5 %.
company Poll Sotsis shows that the party leader of regions has typed 49,2 % of voices, and the head of the government - 44,5 %.
Similar results came from Ukraine throughout all day. Only in exit polls which have been spent in the morning, V.Yanukovych`s leadership was more impressive - approximately 15 %.
it is necessary to notice that various sociological polls which were spent before elections, spoke about a victory of the leader of the party of regions, distinction was only in a separation from J.Timoshenko.