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In London hearings on business of J begin. Assandzha

In London hearings on the case of an extradition to Sweden founder WikiLeaks of Dzhuliana Assandzha today begin. Are expected that they will last two days.
J. Assandzha accuse of rape and sexual harassments which that has ostensibly made concerning two women in Sweden. D.Assandzh denies participation in acts of which him accuse. The lawyer of the journalist considers that attacks to J. Assandzha are connected with activity of its site which continues to publish the closed correspondence of the American diplomats.
we will remind that 39 - summer Australian journalist Dzh. Assanzh, the ideologist of a transparency of the governments, has created WikiLeaks in 2006. The Internet - the project became widely known thanks to the publication of materials about war in Afghanistan and Iraq therefore the public has received some particulars of these campaigns discrediting official Washington. In materials it was told about unjustified victims among the peace population, the tortures applied to the arrested persons on suspicion in terrorism, and about a wrong move of some operations.