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In Egypt have released the journalist of TV channel Al Jazeera

In Egypt the correspondent of TV channel Al Jazeera some hours have kept under guards. As representatives of a broadcasting company, the citizen of the USA have informed Ajman Mohajeldin has been detained by the Egyptian military men the day before in the afternoon, however in 7 hours the journalist has been released, transfers Associated Press.
other details are not informed. It is known that it not the first case of detention of the journalist in Egypt lately.
it is necessary to notice that last days to the journalists working in Egypt, repeatedly threatened with punishment. And against representatives of mass-media acted both oppositionists, and supporters of the working president of the country of Hosny Mubarak.
one of these days in Egypt the journalist shining mass protest actions has been killed. 36 - summer Ahmed Mohamed Mahmud did photos of demonstrations of the Egyptian opposition from a balcony of the house which is located in Cairo, nearby to the area of Tahrir. The unknown person has shot at this moment in the photographer. The press photographer worked on the local newspaper Al - Tavun .