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In the Ministry of Internal Affairs have admitted the fact of shortage of money for police creation

In the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation have defined stages of creation of police, in passing having found out that money for this purpose does not suffice. It follows from the plan of measures on preparation for law coming into force About police Ministry of Internal Affairs Rashidom Nurgalievym signed the day before by the head.
As the newspaper daily at which order there was a document text writes today, in the Ministry of Internal Affairs the decision " is already accepted; to go begging in the Ministry of Finance behind additional assignments for change of signboards and certificates.
meanwhile experts of the edition do not exclude that the Ministry of Finance can refuse to department. Minister of Finance Alexey Kudrin is known for the pessimistic relation to reforms and expenses for them, therefore is far not the fact that the petition the Ministry of Internal Affairs about dopfinansirovanii it will be accepted - writes the edition.
however to rename militia into police nevertheless it is necessary, therefore money can be found from other sources. In search of power money can increase loading by tax bearers. a milk cow there can be a business. It is not excluded that for needs of the Ministry of Internal Affairs will earn to itself by means of traffic police, UEB and other divisions which main tool are penalties - the newspaper predicts.
in the autumn 2010. The chief of a finance administration of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Svetlana Perov has declared that on manufacturing of new tablets for buildings and labels for office cars will leave about 500 million rbl. However experts daily then were sceptical about the sounded figure and have predicted growth of expenses on these purposes to 10 mlrd rbl.
we Will remind, on February, 2nd of this year the Federation Council has definitively approved the law About police which should come into force since March, 1st 2011.