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Mass-media: the Guitarist of Gary Moore could die of cocaine overdose

the Reason of heart attack which has entailed death of the Irish guitarist - the virtuoso of Gary Moore, there could be an overdose of drugs. On it inform some Spanish mass-media referring to the doctors inspecting a body of the musician. This information yet has not received official acknowledgement.
the Outstanding musician of the generation has died at the age of 58 years. Its body has been found in the morning on February, 6th in one of the rooms of the hotel Kempinski Hotel in Estepone, the former manager of the guitarist Adam Parsons has informed.
the musician whom named the white wizard of a blues was born on April, 4th 1952. The first acoustic guitar it took in hands at the age of eight years, and in 14 has mastered standard pravorukuju an electroguitar though from a birth was the lefthander.
the world fame to the guitarist was brought by game in group Thin Lizzy, however shortly it has started to act solno. For long musical career G.Moore has had time to write down more than 30 albums and to act on one scene with Bi Bi King, Greg Lejkom and Albert Kollinsom.