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In Moscow for senior pupils have ended quarantine vacation

the Moscow schoolboys is more senior 6 classes leaves for study after the short quarantine entered in connection with a flu epidemic and ORVI. Meanwhile off-schedule vacation for pupils of elementary grades will last till February, 8th inclusive, has noted in Department of public health services of Moscow.
at the same time in 60 regions of Russia epidemic on - former threatens health of children. In particular, in Yakutia, Tyumen, Irkutsk, Kostroma, the Voronezh region, Volgograd schoolboys on - former are on quarantine. Similar measures are accepted in preschool centres of Kamchatka, a quarter of schools of the Orenburg and Pskov areas.
physicians notice that the taken measures already have brought a positive effect: on all country reduction of rates of distribution of disease is observed, and in some regions the flu has already begun to decline. Experts predict that within two weeks epidemic will go on recession.
it is necessary to notice that in 2011. In 40 % sick by a flu in Russia it is found out shtamm a pork flu A/ H1N1. This version is dangerous that on organism restoration is required to more time - from 3 till 5 weeks, and illness proceeds more hard, than at a usual flu.