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The Ingush Ministry of Internal Affairs doubts M.Evloeva`s participation in act of terrorism in Domodedovo

the Ingush agents of national security doubt participation of the native of village Ali - Jurt Magomeda Evloeva to fulfilment of act of terrorism in Domodedovo on January, 24th 2011. Besides, the head of republic Junus - Bek Evkurov has urged not to hasten to declare Adam Ganizheva and Islam of Evloeva M.Evloeva`s accomplices in fulfilment of act of terrorism at the airport, writes Kommersant .
Meanwhile gone in August 2010. By A.Ganizhev and I.Evloev are put on the wanted list on suspicion in the explosion organisation, inform the Russian mass-media. Both of them are M.Evloeva`s fellow countrymen, whose remains have been found on an explosion place.
there is not enough bases to consider what exactly it has made this act of terrorism - have declared to the Businessman in republic law enforcement bodies. after all except parts of a body of Evloeva on an explosion place it was revealed to four parts of the hands which accessory is not established till now. Any of these parts can belong to the suicide bomber - has noted a source in the Ministry of Internal Affairs.
the head of Ingushetia has noticed that, besides A.Ganizheva and I.Evloeva, in search also there are tens other gone natives of republic. Right after act of terrorism of Junus - Bek Evkurov has declared that the illegal bands operating in territory of the North Caucasus became organizers of explosion, however has not specified, which. Act of terrorism at the capital airport of Domodedovo has carried away lives of 36 persons, hundreds have sustained injuries. In capital and hospitals situated near Moscow on - former there are some tens injured explosion.