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In the house of the daughter of the head of the Supreme court of Ukraine have passed searches

the State Office of Public Prosecutor of Ukraine has conducted a search in apartment of the daughter of the head of the Supreme court of Ukraine (VSU) Vasily Onopenko - Irinas Onopenko. The Younger daughter of chairman VSU and its ex-husband are accused in zavladenii 300 thousand dollars by swindle, transfers - Ukraine .
Besides, the Office of Public Prosecutor checks the information on participation of one more son-in-law of head VSU of V.Onopenko to illegal zavladeniju by swindle by proceeds of credit of foreign bank. Thus in the State Office of Public Prosecutor notice that to the chairman of the Supreme court no claims are present, V.Onopenko is not accused or to suspects on one of these criminal cases.
last week the party leader Batkivshchina Yulia Timoshenko has declared that upon chairman VSU V.Onopenko put pressure for the purpose of its resignation. According to J.Timoshenko, arrest of the son-in-law of Century Onopenko and excitation of criminal case against his daughter is carried out for the purpose of pressure upon chairman VSU.
we Will remind, on excitation of criminal case concerning the younger daughter of head VSU V.Onopenko Irina Genprokuratura Ukrainy has informed on February, 4th of this year In the department message it was noticed that with the statement for I.Onopenko`s bringing to criminal liability and her husband Vladimir Kotljarova on suspicion in swindle a certain citizen V.Ksendzenko has addressed. I.Onopenko and her husband are suspected that they have not returned the borrowed 300 thousand dollars the part from which ostensibly was required to V.Onopenko for the decision of any question . Head VSU has underlined that does not concern money which have been ostensibly borrowed for it.