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Charges of the Swedish Office of Public Prosecutor against J. Assandzha can collapse

Charges of the Swedish Office of Public Prosecutor against the founder of site WikiLeaks of Dzhuliana Assandzha can collapse during hearings in magistratskom court Belmarsh in London. The day before such messages have published the British tabloids.
According to the data of the British mass-media, the women who have declared that they have been ostensibly raped J. Assandzhem, continued to meet the Australian and after scandalous incidents. The journalist met them simultaneously, and the jealousy could become the basis for the reference in police.
as a result the Swedish police has refused criminal case excitation, having considered that it is a question of the banal household conflict, however it has been reanimated after publications by site WikiLeaks of some new scandalous materials. It is necessary to notice that official charges in the relation of J. Assandzha from Sweden is not present: the Office of Public Prosecutor simply wants to interrogate it.
Hearings which open in London today, will last two days. The Australian denies the fault, specifying in political implied sense of business. He has already addressed to the government of Australia with the request to intercede for it. The journalist is afraid that in case of delivery to Stockholm it will be given out the USA that not excluded also by its lawyers. If Washington achieves deportation of the Australian, to it can bring accusations in disclosure of the confidential data that threatens with a supreme penalty.
the Internet - portal WikiLeaks has been created by the Australian in 2006. The journalist and the programmer supports a transparency of the governments and system of the international relations. On a site for last five years the scandalous materials, concerning wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and also world policy questions have been published. In particular, on a site confidential correspondence of the American diplomats with Gosdepom of the USA in which pejorative estimations were given to world leaders has been published. Washington indirectly recognised the validity of the published materials.