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Russians are threatened with three viruses of a flu

the Flu epidemic, which has struck generally Russia this winter (almost 60 regions of the country), has not avoided also Yamal. In territory of Jamalo - Nenets autonomous region three viruses of a flu became more active at once: pandemichesky, a virus In from which basically children and " suffer; a pork flu . On it inform local mass-media.
for last four days in hospitals JANAO has addressed over 10 thousand persons, as a result Yamal has come out on top in Russia by quantity of references with symptoms ORVI and a flu.
now on quarantine 79 comprehensive schools are closed, more than 70 thousand children are compelled to remain at home. We will notice that all in district is over 75 thousand children of school age. Quarantine actions are entered and in the majority of kindergartens of Yamal.
Besides Yamal, Yakutia, Tyumen, Irkutsk, Kostroma, the Voronezh and Orenburg areas, Volgograd, Kamchatka and other regions Russian Federations have suffered from a flu. In them the set of schools and kindergartens are closed on quarantine.
we will notice that for the Moscow schoolboys off-schedule vacation comes to an end: pupils 7 - 11 classes have already returned to employment, for schoolboys 1 - 6 classes quarantine will last till February, 8th inclusive.
In department of public health services of Moscow notice that the flu epidemic will go on recession in the middle of February, now the country endures disease peak.