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To Moscow the powerful snowfall and a cold snap

the Powerful snowfall approaches it is expected in Moscow in the afternoon on February, 8th. As the assistant to the mayor of Moscow on questions housing - municipal services and an accomplishment Peter Birjukov has informed today to journalists, during the period from 13:00 till Moscow time in Moscow can drop out about 10 sm of snow.
thus the official has reminded that this year 112 sm of snow have already dropped out that 30 % are more than average.
the snowfall will be accompanied by sharp fall of temperature - P.Birjukov has noted. According to weather forecasters, already on February, 10th in a city will become cold to a minus 18 - 19 degrees.
P.Birjukov has noticed that during a snowfall to clean city streets leaves about 15 thousand units of technics, including about 5 thousand means of mechanisation of auxiliary operations. In court yard will work to 40 thousand yard keepers.
As in a city the weather conditions favorable for formation of a glaze ice and naledi are created, we ask motorists to observe a distance, not to break a parking rule, whenever possible to refrain from trips - P.Birjukov has added.
Besides, to public utilities allowed to carry out instructions insulating actions - kommunalshchiki will check up dovodchiki on doors of entrances, will check, whether windows on attics are closed.