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The London court solves a question on an extradition of J. Assandzha

In London hearings on the case of an extradition to Sweden founder WikiLeaks of Dzhuliana Assandzha begin, transfers Associated Press.
according to the press, the Australian has already arrived to a boardroom magistratskogo vessels of district Belmarsh accompanied by Jennifer Robinson`s lawyer. Hearings will last two days.
the Swedish Office of Public Prosecutor demands delivery of the citizen of Australia of J. Assandzha on the basis of charges in crimes of sexual character. Charges of the Swedish authorities include rape though the legal treatment of this concept of Sweden essentially differs from the standard. So, both women, with which J. Assandzh entered intimate contact, recognise that these communications were voluntary, however accuse the journalist that he has insisted on not protected sex, and also has offended their advantage by that has simultaneously made their mistresses.
meanwhile protection in J. Assandzha insists that charges against the founder scandalous the Internet - a resource have political underlying reason. In particular, lawyers of the Australian consider that prosecution of their ward is connected with activity WikiLeaks and the publication of correspondence of the American diplomats. We will remind, in the end of November 2010. WikiLeaks has begun the publication of 250 thousand confidential documents of US State department which has excited all world community. Messages dipsluzhashchih showed to the world the back of the American diplomacy, having shown the true attitude of Washington to many foreign leaders.
J. Assandzh also denies all charges in its address and notices that intend to struggle up to the end against an extradition to Sweden as doubts that the Swedish court will consider its case on the basis natural justice .