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G.Moore`s friends have commented on death of the known guitarist

Known Irish fate - the guitarist and the singer of Gary Moore whom named the white wizard of a blues has died in the Spanish hotel, under one data, from heart attack, on another - from overdose of drugs. Friends and acquaintances of the musician name happened shock.
so, Adam Parsons, manager Thin Lizzy - one of groups in which G.Moore played, has informed Bi - bi - si that he cannot still believe in the happened. According to A.Parsons, the late musician was the strong and healthy man completely not similar on typical fate - a star.
founder Thin Lizzy Bryan Dauni has declared that knows G.Moore very much for a long time, since 1967, and that the musician was very good friend. According to B.Dauni, he will always remember the Irish guitarist. I can not simply believe that it is not present with us " more; - he admitted.
we will remind, Moore has died the day before in the morning, on February, 6th, in the room of the hotel Kempinski Hotel in Estepone. According to a number of mass-media, together with it there was a woman from whom the musician intended to spend week holiday in Spain. Also there are data that some hours prior to death G.Moore`s number included two young girls. Journalists have made the assumption that G.Moore`s death has come out overdose of drugs, however its friends have declared that last three months the musician did not accept any narcotic substances and has passed rehabilitation.