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The Voronezh firemen have accused the management of corruption

Office of Public Prosecutor of the Voronezh region on supervision of execution of laws on especially regime objects inspects the collective reference of employees of a special fire brigade 1 (further SPCH - 1) GU Special management of the Federal fire service 37 Ministries of Emergency Measures of Russia .
on January, 23rd of this year on a site open - letter. ru the post card of staff of a fire brigade has been published. In the collective reference of 37 workers SPCH - 1 - from the commander of branch to the simple driver - have told about the facts of corruption and other infringements of the head of department, the colonel of internal service Feodor Ponomareva.
Throughout five years from all awards and additional payments money at a rate of 50 % forces to give us to a management management (for example, the award ordinary and younger nachsostavu makes from 6000 to 15 000 roubles). Management Staff - 250 persons - it is told in the statement of firemen.
Besides, in the collective reference it is noticed that instead of direct duties firemen carry out is repair - civil work, including in apartment F. ponomareva, and also its assistants S.Gorbunova and V.Orlova. Whereas all employment are spent only on a paper, from - for what a professional standard of employees extremely low . Firemen also have noticed that during a management of F.Ponomarevym`s management a considerable quantity of employees which wanted has left and could work, but only not in such conditions .
the Staff which was taking part in suppression of forest fires of 2010, has received copecks whereas the employees of management who are not accepting participations in liquidation CHS, have received several times more, complain podpisanty. At the same time All displays of disagreement of staff with developed conditions are stopped by the offer from a management to write the official report about dismissal from bodies of the Ministry of Emergency Measures . And it not all
As they say in an official statement of the Voronezh Office of Public Prosecutor, on the given fact check immediately has been organised. The part of materials concerning officials SPCH - 1 has been directed by Office of Public Prosecutor for acceptance of the remedial decision to investigatory department on the Soviet area of Voronezh of investigatory management of Investigatory committee of the Russian Federation across the Voronezh region. Check of the facts stated in circulation, Office of Public Prosecutor proceeds.
it is necessary to notice that today with working visit Voronezh was visited by the head of the Ministry of Emergency Measures Sergey Shojgu. However, as he said, which the press - service of the governor of Voronezh quotes, it is the next, planned check. for to whom I have arrived, - off-schedule check - has added S.Shojgu. He has explained it to that exists so-called the plan of sudden checks . And today we check all garrison of the Voronezh region. It concerns also Institute of the Ministry of Emergency Measures, and our special parts and objects, is simple fire brigades, and also the technical centres where our technics " is under repair and prepares; - the head of the Ministry of Emergency Measures has informed.