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In Spain has died last great artist of the XX-th century

On Monday, on February, 6th, in Barcelona Anthon Tapies, one of the largest European artists and sculptors of second half of XX-th century has died, transfers Associated Press. He was 88 years old.
working in vanguard directions and genres of the modern art, A.Tapies has achieved a wide international recognition. Its works are presented in the majority of leading museums of the world. The Spanish newspaper El Mundo named once A.Tapisa last great artist of the XX-th century .
A.Tapies in the creativity freely used different technicians, materials and motives, preferring to a civilisation waste . One of widest known works of the artist is the Sock - a three-metre sculpture of a sock with a hole on a heel. The image of a sock in general was one of favourite motives of the artist.
the first personal exhibition And. Tapiesa has taken place in Barcelona in 1950. In three years of its work have appeared in the USA. By the end 1950 - h A.Tapies has won the international popularity.
in 1960 - h A.Tapies took part in a resistance movement to a mode Ex and even has been arrested.
in 2010. The king of Spain Juan Carlos I has welcomed to the artist a title of the marquis.