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Mass-media: R.Nurgaliev collects the compromising evidence on “ the Petersburg competitor “

the Russian mass-media guess over the true reasons of the scale check initiated by the head of Ministry of Internal Affairs Rashidom Nurgalievym, concerning the Petersburg guards after  destruction of the teenager within the precincts of a police station. The newspaper daily assumes that thus the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs tries to eliminate the competitor having chances to occupy in the future an armchair of the head of power department.
edition sources in power structures say that the main policeman of St.-Petersburg Michael Suhodolsky remains to one of real applicants for an armchair of the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, therefore against it in a top of the Ministry of Internal Affairs already spin intrigues.
on the eve of R.Nurgaliev has sent to Petersburg at once 60 checking to which within 20 days should understand, the measures accepted in connection with  destruction of the teenager were how much adequate.
Incident has occurred, when 24 - summer divisional Denis Ivanov beat out a recognition at the arrested person on suspicion in a street robbery 15 - summer Nikita Leonteva (that together with the friend ostensibly tried to snatch out a bag at 45 - the summer woman). In 46 - m a strong point of police D.Ivanov beat the guy a shank from a mop on a back and has some times knocked a fist on the head - from the received traumas the teenager has fainted. Policemen have caused fast, but on the way to N.Leontev`s hospital has died. Later the divisional has been detained and arrested. Accusation is brought to it.
chief GU the Ministry of Internal Affairs across Petersburg and Leningrad region Michael Suhodolsky has noticed that in the decision to direct to a city inspection “ a lot of strange “.
“ Suhodolsky remains in the list of persons, whose chances to head the Ministry of Internal Affairs after planned resignation of Nurgalieva after March elections are highest. In a top of the Ministry of Internal Affairs not all like such deal “ - has declared to the edition a source in the Ministry of Internal Affairs.
“ the Unique purpose of the Moscow inspection - “ zachistka “ the competitor on a post of the Minister of Internal Affairs as Suhodolsky active conversations on possible returning now have gone to Moscow. Murder of the teenager - certainly, terrible tragedy, but we in regions regularly have not less grave crimes, and brigades from 60 persons there do not go “ - the deputy of the State Duma Alexander Hinstein agrees.
this check - not the only thing that now becomes for M.Suhodolsky`s discredit. “ some criminal cases in which frameworks try to steal up to Suhodolsky Are raised or to leave on members of his family “ - the newspaper of the member of parliament quotes.