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S.Magnitsky can posthumously condemn

Investigating bodies of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation have finished investigation of criminal case concerning the lawyer of fund Hermitage Capital Sergey Magnitsky who has died in 2009. In a pre-trial detention centre, and heads of fund William Braudera.
About it it became known from the letter of the inspector of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Boris Kibisa directed to relatives of S.Magnitsky and lawyers Hermitage Capital, inform in fund. In the document it is said that preliminary investigation on S.Magnitsky`s business is finished also materials are ready for transfer to court for its posthumous condemnation, and also for U.Braudera`s correspondence condemnation.
from the letter also follows that in the unique way refusal of relatives of the lawyer of the right to protection of its honour and advantage will avoid S.Magnitsky`s posthumous condemnation.
the modern history does not know cases of posthumous litigations. In one country of the world do not judge the people who have died, and in this case it is a question of the person who was meaningly umershchvlen employees of investigating bodies of Russia - it is told in the fund statement.
we will remind, S.Magnitsky accused of fulfilment of a tax crime, has died in to Sailor`s silence on November, 16th 2009. The official cause of death had been named sharp warm insufficiency. After death of the lawyer business has been stopped, however in connection with the decision of the Constitutional court of the Russian Federation in the summer 2011. Investigation have renewed.
S.Magnitsky was accused on the case of evasion from payment of taxes to 500 million rbl. to It accusation in fulfilment of the crimes provided ch has been brought. 3, ch. 5 items 33, ch. 2 items 199 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (the organisation and complicity in evasion from payment of taxes from the organisation a group of persons on preliminary arrangement in especially large size).
Head Hermitage Capital At. Brauder also was the figurant of business. Even before S.Magnitsky`s arrest he has been compelled to leave Russia, business in the relation it was investigated in a correspondence order.