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Ministry of Health promises: Russians will live on the average 75 - 80 years

Average life expectancy in the Russian Federation to 2025. Can grow to 75 - 80 years. Such forecast during session of working group on development of human resources Asian - Pacific economic cooperation (ATES) was made today by the deputy minister of public health services and social development of the Russian Federation Maxim Topilin.
We aspire to finish indicators of life expectancy of the population to level of the developed countries - 75 - 80 years - the official has told, having added that for this period is planned to create conditions that in each Russian family was not less than two children.
according to the deputy minister, a main objective of the Russian demographic policy is to finish population of the country to 2016. To 143 million persons, and to 2025. - to 145 million persons. It has reminded that the last some years in the Russian Federation are carried out actions for decrease in death rate from warm - vascular diseases, new growths, dorozhno - transport incidents.
infantile and parent death rate systematically decreases. Besides, M.Topilin has informed that during the last years birth rate in the Russian Federation has grown on 20 %. Before us there is a serious problem. We aspire to leave on the European indicator of death rate of children at infantile age - he has added.
in turn the head of Ministry of health and social development (Minzdravsotsrazvitija) Tatyana Golikova during performance has noticed that for five years of realisation of actions of the demographic program the number of the born has grown on 21,2 %, and the number of the died has decreased on 16,4 %.