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The Moscow service of rescue has stopped the work

the Moscow service of rescue (MSS) after 16 years of work has stopped the existence. The day before experts of the uniform centre of reception of emergency calls have fulfilled the last change and have said goodbye to the colleagues.
MSS, created in due time as the commercial structure, later has lost sources of the maintenance. As a result it has been decided to close service for reorganisation under budgetary financing. Since January, 1st 2012. In Moscow has begun work the State state enterprise Phone of rescue 112 which visor to itself number 112 also has replaced information centre MSS.
Collective MSS addressed earlier with the letter to the mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobjaninu with the request to keep service. on the threshold of the project 112 employees MSS, with the knowledge, skills, have appeared not claimed, thrown out on street - employees of service have written.
Henceforth, having called under number 112, inhabitants of Moscow and Moscow Region will hear the answer of an answerphone which will inform the person that if at it the fire, let types 01, in case of problems with health - 03 and etc.
the Moscow service of rescue has been created in 1995. By analogy with American 911. However, unlike the USA, activity of the Moscow organisation was not limited exclusively to information centre work. In MSS besides operators brigades of rescuers and volunteers who transferred in information centre of data on incidents in a city worked also.