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On YouTube have forbidden “ Russia without Putin “

Yesterday the administration of site YouTube has closed a popular roller in a network, telling that waits Russia without Putin (http:// www. youtube. com/ watch? v=OXEs3Y7IM9I). About it writes “ the Moscow member of the Komsomol “.
According to administration YouTube, in a video series took place “ shocking and obscene “ the maintenance. “ meanwhile, “ the blood seas “ “ raschlenenki “ the bared nature in a roller did not contain, - writes today “ MK “. - a Roller created within the limits of competition on a theme “ that will be with Russia without Putin “ really, it has turned out very emotional and rather visually presented a sight of the author at the country future at an opposition victory. But no more that “.
Experts tend to opinion that behind roller removal interest of Gosdepa of the USA, on - visible, " is obviously visible; bent “ Owners of a video hosting. “ such sharp reaction of a well-known American video hosting to a popular roller can testify that certain political circles to the USA supporting the Russian opposition, really consider creativity of participants the Internet - communities “ Russia without Putin - Russia without the future “ dangerous “ - has declared “ MK “ the general director of the Center of the political information Alexey Mukhin.
Russian blogery are surprised and revolted by such behaviour of owners of a hosting. So, bloger Fimà Psuchopadt writes in the magazine: “ Normal such democracy... In my understanding, the same democracy is a condition when all have equal possibilities concerning access to the information, and then already do conclusions concerning the seen. Or, maybe, the western values have more accurate and concrete definition? Whether I agree with it? No, it do not agree. But I have looked and is ready to discuss “.
it is quite possible, the reason that a roller “ Russia without Putin? Welcome to Hell! “ it has appeared too popular: over 550 thousand viewings of all for 4 days! We will remind, it has appeared within the limits of the competition, declared the Internet - community “ Russia without Putin - Russia without the future “ in a social network “ Vkontakte “. In competition also types popularity and one more roller which was closed for the present by administration YouTube (http:// www. youtube. com/ watch? v = - 9 - 5NBaAEsI).
the Scenario on which participants of competition should remove the videoclip, is laid out on a community site. The general idea following: the opposition has achieved the, March presidential election is cancelled, the State Duma is dismissed, the country the Provisional government into which present leaders " have entered operates; not consent “. Property repartition, and here already the tidbits - Gazprom, " has begun; Rosneft “ - Have passed under control “ new leaders “. In the meantime in the world the second wave of the economic crisis which has overflowed and our country has burst. In Russia a hyperinflation, salaries and pensions are not paid, meetings disperse with a use of weapons. Provisional government any more in forces to supervise a situation, and yesterday`s “ winners “ hastily request a political asylum abroad. In the meantime from Russia caucasus, the Kaliningrad region separate. The North Ossetia and Krasnodar territory after short military operations pass under control of Georgia.
“ the roller is made talently, but with some search. But similar succession of events nevertheless is possible, - makes comments in “ MK “ the deputy director of Institute of the countries SG Vladimir Zharihin. - the Probability of that with Putin Rossija`s leaving will get off from a stable course - is very great. Especially considering that from present opponents of the power “ to intercept a wheel “ There is simply nobody “.
“ Ourselves are surprised by popularity of video which left far beyond our group and competition, - the founder tells the Internet - communities Cyril Romashov. - Probably, business in a sharpness of this video, it really clings. And how can not touch feeling a variant of development of the country at which habitual life of people will collapse? We all it saw in recent revolutions in Egypt, Libya “.